Retail Store Removals in Bicester

Our cleaning arm specialises in cleaning fashion retail stores throughout Bicester and Oxfordshire. We understand the value of your stock and display equipment and we can pack, transport, unpack and install all of it including a deep clean of old and new premises.


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Moving Retail Premises

Cristal E Services provides retail store removals in Bicester and the surrounding area. A shop move is a big undertaking. Let us worry about moving your stock and display equipment from your old premises to your new shop. Our aim is to disrupt your business as little as possible while providing you with a quick and efficient removal service. 


We specialise in retail store cleaning and removals. Let us pack your stock and equipment for transportation to your new premises. On arrival, we will unpack display equipment, clean it and then unpack your stock ready to go on the newly clean shelves.


Our professional drivers and fleet of vehicles mean that we can move all your stock and equipment quickly, efficiently and safely from your old premises to your new premises.

Our retail store removals in Bicester, Oxfordshire can move you anywhere in the mainland UK.


To satisfy the terms of your tenancy agreement you will need to deep clean your shop premises when vacating.

We can do this once we have removed and packed your stock and equipment.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Retail Store Removals in Bicester – What’s Included

Each contract is agreed individually with the client but services can include:

  • Packing and cleaning outside of shop business hours
  • Careful packing of stock in protective boxes
  • Full exit clean at old premises
  • Transportation of stock and equipment anywhere in mainland UK
  • Deep clean of new premises
  • Cleaning of display equipment on unpacking


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