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For a hassle free service that lets you and your business shine, use Cristal E Services to give you complete peace of mind. Our unique service provides tailored schedules so your working day is not interrupted. We provide ourselves on personal and professional customer service and the highest attention to detail.


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Commercial Office Cleaning

An unclean office can affect the motivation and morale of your staff. We can look after every aspect of your office or building cleaning to ensure you have a safe, clean space for you and your staff to work in.

Work days (Most Popular)

Heavy office footfall, ‘at desk’ lunches, breakfast meetings and constant use of kitchens and washrooms means dirt, dust and bacteria build up very quickly. A daily office clean will help to keep your staff healthy and happy.


If your office is not heavily used, you may find a weekly cleaning routine works better for you. We can advise what cleaning routine would be best for you depending on your exact circumstances.


In some cases, a regular daily clean keeps things tidy and ticking over, but every month, we do a deeper clean of the office including computer terminals, telephones, fridges etc. We work with you to find the best package for you.

One Time Cleaning

On occasion, you find need a complete, deep clean of your entire office. This may be the case when you move offices (both the old and new office) or have some building works completed. Cristal E Services can clean the building thoroughly ready for your continued use.

What’s Included

Every contract is agreed individually. We offer a flexible service that includes:

  • Cleaning in the evenings or early mornings finished by 8am
  • Hoover, mop, clean kitchens and washrooms, remove the trash, change bin liners
  • Surface wipedown including phones.
  • Doorframe, wall, skirting board cleaning
  • Exit contract with 1-month notice

As part of our service, we can also include optional extras depending on your exact requirements and budget.

Carpet Cleaning

We would recommend wet carpet cleaning to give a more permanent clean, but we can also offer dry carpet cleaning if time is short.

Window Cleaning

We can offer inside window cleaning as part of our general services. We work with trusted partners who are specialists in external window cleaning.

Kitchen and/ or Bathroom Supplies

As part of our regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning, we can source relevant supplies if required.

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment (monitors and keyboards) are often overlooked but can breed germs. Cristal E Services can include a daily or weekly regular wipe down of monitor and keyboards using specialist supplies.


Your office may have a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine etc. All can be included in a regular clean if required.

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